Thursday, July 21, 2011

Weekend full of fashion fun!

So there are quite a few stylish happenings going on around town this weekend. I'm going to try to check out as many of these that I can, and you should definitely do the same.

The first is Friday's Stash Style sale in Rocky River. As you may remember I posted about Stash Style a few months ago. It used to be a permanent shop in Chagrin Falls, but is now a travelling pop up shop that happens to be having an event at Beachcliff this weekend! According to the Facebook event page it runs Friday from 5-8 p.m. although on their blog it says Saturday as well. I posted on their page to ask about Saturday, so I'll post whatever I hear about that. Stash Style has such unique stuff I really hope I am able to hit this one up - and I'm thankful it's much closer to my house than C-Falls.

Another great event going on that I am for sure attending is the APL Metromix Fashion Show on Saturday downtown at the Arcade. I have actually never been to a real fashion show before and I am so amped for this one. It does cost money to get in and you can snag tix at the door or for $6 cheaper in advanced (check out Metromix's event page for ticket details). The proceeds will go to benefit the APL, and who wouldn't want to check out a totally awesome fashion show to help out local puppies and kitties? I'll be there taking tickets make sure to stop and say hey. Doors open at 6:30!

And thirdly Saturday is also Walk All Over Waterloo in Collinwood from 4-7 p.m. There are so many great shops out there on Waterloo and a lot of them are partaking in Saturday's neighborhood event and offering deals. It's a great chance to check out some of these fantastic local spots all on the same day!

I know it's going to be a hot weekend here in the CLE but why not take a break from the pool and the AC and get your local fashion on! There are plenty of opportunities to do so, and I for one am pretty excited myself! Hopefully I'll get to post about some of these events next week. Stay cool!

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