Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend Style Winning

So I wanted to post this before it fleeted from my mind. As you may have read in my previous entry, I attended the Metromix fashion show at the Arcade downtown last night. All the proceeds benefitted the APL and the designs were from students at Virginia Marti College. The show was great (what I could see of it, I was holding down ticket duty throughout most of the show) and the designs I saw were fantastic.

But as I was taking tickets at the door, I saw more fashion from the attendees than the models on the runway. Much of the show goers were dressed to the nines, and I loved seeing Cleveland going fashion forward. But I have to say there was one individual I saw whose ensemble and style took the cake.

I follow a few fashion blogs on Tumblr, many of them focusing on vintage and somewhat indie style. I swear this girl at the show last night was right off of my Tumblr dashboard. She looked so put together and incredibly legit. Fresh in my mind this morning, I thought I'd create a replica Polyvore set of her outfit.

Arcade Fashion Show Winner

Creepy? Maybe. Only because I couldn't take her photo. She totally reaffirmed that the fashions you see on blogs or in magazines are totally doable in real life - and in Cleveland! So here's to never thinking you can't pull something off or that you would never wear something you want to around here. Never second guess anything. If you love it, wear it and wear it out!

Here's a list of some of the fashion blogs I follow!


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