Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dredging down East 4th

Last week I posted event info for the Made in the 216 and Dredgers Union grand opening event that took place on Friday night (and all weekend!) If you didn't have a chance to hit it up, you missed a great event for Cleveland fashion. It was so great to see so many people downtown, and even though I know some of the crowd was from the Tribe game, I know a lot of people were there for this event! Even Channel 3 was live from E. 4th during their 7 p.m. news!

Unfortunately we didn't get there until later, but I'm so glad we got to stop by. The Dredgers Union store is located on the east side of the street right across from the Greenhouse Tavern. The set up of the store is really cool. There was a very Anthropologie vibe. I was expecting more of a boutique, which is more common for locally owned shops. But I can definitely see the Dredgers Union becoming a national chain! Not that it ever would or would ever want to but it had that type of vibe, like you could plop it in any mall in America.

Of course me being me, the first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was this navy blue tote bag with a vintage map of Cleveland on it. It was just $20 and I just might have to go back and snag one!

A lot of the apparel was on the higher price end (again, like Anthropologie) but they were really chic and unique.  There was everything from shorts to tops, dresses and more. On the upper level stage area were all home wares. Each little area was like a separate room in someone's house. There were some really great shower curtains that my friends and I wanted in our future apartment! I also loved some of the cups, bowls and plates around. As I've always said I'm a sucker for interesting set ups inside stores and the housewares area had a really cool set up. I wish I could live there!

Now the real party was hopping down stairs in the basement level. That's where the Made in the 216 event was going on. It was like a mini craft fair with racks and racks of Cleveland T-shirts (including some from my favorite CLE Clothing Co. and their new summer tanks), tables of accessories and Cleveland-themed art on the walls.

We were really feeling the jewelry pinned up on this bulletin board. A lot of them were made from old watches and clocks from Aviaire and were so unique.

I, personally was totally into the Cleveland art up everywhere. My favorite would have to be the black and white text prints by Arterx with street names from various neighborhoods. I loved the Lakewood one featuring "Warren," "Bunts," "Detroit," and "Riverside" as well as the Ohio City and Tremont ones. Another adorable print I loved was by Rachael Novak reading "Lake Erie Love."

Even though I didn't buy anything I'm really glad I went. Like I said in my preview post it's so good to see some retail coming to downtown! Even though a lot of the Dredgers Union stuff was a little expensive for my kind of income, I can't wait to do a little East 4th shopping once I get a little dough (whenever that might be!) I would definitely suggest checking it out, and maybe to give Made in the 216 a follow on Twitter to keep up with their pop up events. And of course, one of the best things about both Made in the 216 and the Dredgers Union they are dedicated to locally produced items - spreading the CLE love one shopping spree at a time!

***Check out the links on this page to see the web sites for some of the items I saw at the event!

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