Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I ain't lyin...and blue

An animal and a color? What other place could I be talking about but Lion and Blue! This subtly cool and friendly hippie-vibed shop has been in Lakewood for over 10 years and, for native Lakewood girls like me, has been the go-to place for a unique present that any friend or acquaintance would forever love you for.

Like a lot of the places I've written about, Lion and Blue is quite understated. Although I do appreciate local businesses that promote themselves on social media and make sure everyone and their mother knows about them, Lion and Blue keeps fairly quiet. But it really speaks for itself and has been making noise for anyone who has ever stepped inside.

I came to know Lion and Blue perhaps a bit later than most Lakewoodians but once I step foot inside I knew I'd be back. The first thing I ever bought there was a patch work satchel bag several years ago. It has experienced some wear and tear but when you sling it around your shoulder every day that's bound to happen. I do still use it from time to time and it always puts a smile on my face. Every good bag has a few good pockets and this one has one on the inside and a zipper pouch on the outside.

As I said before, Lion and Blue is the perfect place to shop for a cute little gift for anyone. Not only have I bought gifts for people there, several of my friends have bought me things from there too! I got this picture frame and candle for my birthday a few years ago. I have yet to light the candle because I just love it so much. Although I suppose I could always use the jar for something else once the candle inside melts...

 Not only is Lion and Blue a great place to buy things for friends, it's a great place to take friends. I found myself and my friend from out of town in Lakewood on a beautiful summer day walking downtown when I suggested we browse around.  She loved it.  We both found some great stuff including this skirt she bought (and sent me a photo of!) It's a wrap skirt that you can wear a million ways and looks totally different every time she wears it.

During the same outing, I bought a new pair of knit mukluk slippers. I love that these are high so I can wear them with my red leopard print leggings (around the house of course!)

I'm also a big headband fan and there was an entire basket full of them. It took me forever to decide which one to buy and even then I bought three. I'm pretty sure they set me back around a total of $10 for all three. My favorite is this flowered one that I wear with my hair up and down, bangs and no bangs.

Another one of the headbands I bought was in a dark blue that I probably wear about five times a week. It's nice and comfy and stretchy and keeps my flyaways in place. Plus I love this blue color and it works with about every kind of outfit, on cute days and hot mess days.
(That's me wearing it with my good friend Ringo in London)

 It would probably take me hours to find everything I have from Lion and Blue. Oftentimes at boutiques, you might not always find something worth buying. I can honestly say every time I have gone to Lion and Blue I have made a purchase - usually more than one! Lakewood, much like Cleveland is going through a bit of makeover with new businesses sprouting up here. But there will always be those places that have seen the ups and downs and many changes of the city over the years and Lion and Blue is one of them. On top of all that, you will be sure to be greeted with a smile and a very enjoyable shopping and browsing experience.

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