Sunday, April 17, 2011

Festivus III Event at Vanity Lab

When I found out Vanity Lab was hosting this unique event, I knew I had to be there. Between Vanity Lab and the Gathering Place in Westlake, over 40 local artists and businesses were in attendance sharing their wares to promote shopping locally and raise some money for the Gathering Place. Seeing how local boutiques and such are the main focus of this here blog I'd thought I'd share a little from it. 

We were only there for a short while but let me just say more things like this event need to happen around town! Similar to my feeling after I went to the Ingenuity Fest in the fall, so many great, fun and cool things go on in Cleveland, and we can never have too many! I wasn't sure what to expect when I went to Vanity Lab on Saturday night. Sad to say I have never been before, but my friend gets her hair done there a lot and has bought me a few fun gifts from there as well.

If you don't know about Vanity Lab, it's a salon/spa/boutique in Westlake. For their Festivus event they had a whole bunch of tables set up in the front shop part. We were immediately drawn to the City Buddha display. The flower design of these bracelets also came in necklace, ring and earring form. They were just too precious to handle. City Buddha also had some great stretchy beaded belts with wooden clasps that I might just have to go back and buy soon.

Another display that was right up front was Sparkle, which is always offered at Vanity Lab. I am such a sucker for aesthetically pleasing displays and when I saw their long necklaces hanging from an open suitcase trunk I about died.

As we made our way back to the salon, the hallway was full of people, but more importantly some great photo prints, many of them of Cleveland. Someday my future home will be full of Cleveland-centric artwork, it will be impossible not to know where I hail from. In the back among Vanity Lab's salon chairs, sinks and hair dryers were tables of raffle baskets as well as local artists individually selling their fabulous goods. There were some really beautiful necklaces, one in particular I could have added to my always-growing Celtic knot jewelry collection. Another vendor had this great gold bracelet with postage-stamp sized and shaped plates with different Parisian landmarks.

Unfortunately we couldn't stay long and couldn't make it to the second stop of the event at the Gathering Place. But I must say it was a great event to at least be a part of if only for a little while. As I said before, I only hope that more locally centered events like this continue to sprout up. They always make me #HappyinCLE (as do the fab stuff we snagged!)

(Techie comment: The photos on here should be clickable if you want to see any of the items up close!)

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