Monday, June 27, 2011

New school iconic

It may be debatable whether Jay-Z made the Yankees hat more famous than the Yankees can, but Kid Cudi recently claimed he made the Cleveland fitted more famous than the Indians. And speaking of Cleveland's most famous indie rapper, when I went to see him perform at last summer's Ohio Homecoming, I couldn't help but notice how many people were rocking this particular Tribe cap.  As the organization seems to be weening off the arguably racist Chief Wahoo, they're putting more emphasis on the new block letter "C" logo.

Originally derived from the design used in blue and white from 1910-1932, the block "C" seems to have caught on, offering a simplistic, vintage feel for the younger generation. And as a part of that younger generation that grew up with the Indians of the '90s, we so want, nay need something to cling to when it comes to pro baseball in C-Town.

So why am I explaining all of this? Because I bought one of course! I was rather anti-baseball cap for a while but with my current outdoor employment combined with the sheer awesomeness of these hats, I knew I had to have one. I was expecting to pay a lot more than I did when I walked into the Indians Team Shop during last week's Pirates game at the Jake. The intention was to buy my mother a Jack Hannahan jersey (and yes they do exist) but I had to take a look at the hat wall. I picked up the adjustable navy blue number, saw that it was just $20, checked myself out in the mirror and the decision was made!

I really feel that my immense Cleveland pride just wasn't complete without one. Throw it on with a CLE Clothing Co. tee and I am ready to spread the CLE love everywhere I go. In fact, I'm wearing it right now awaiting Lonnie Chisenhall's Indians debut tonight!


  1. You're adorable. I love this blog. Love love love love love everything.