Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Quick post: Recycled Lamp Shade

As I've been scouring through all of my most prized locally bought possessions to find the best things to post, I simply couldn't pass up this lamp shade. I bought it two years ago when I moved into my own place.  I wasn't crazy about the already installed lighting so I was casually looking for a lamp of some sort to take the place of the bright industrial lighting that killed my eyes. I happened to stop into One World Shop (also known as Ten Thousand Villages) in Rocky River one day and behold, my lamp! It was basically a socket with a long white cord that you hang from a hook on the ceiling. But it's the shade itself that is truly a wonder.

Everything in One World Shop is fair trade, meaning of course that the artists and artisans from all around the world that make each item is fairly compensated for their work. This in itself would make this shade special, but in addition to being humanely conscious, it's environmentally conscious as well. The entire shade is made up of recycled materials tightly rolled into a sort of soft wire that is layered all the way around. Really a work of art in itself, it's functional and easy on the eyes. I took the environmental thing a step further by putting in a CFL bulb. How green of me, huh?

One World Shop is part of the national Ten Thousand Villages group but has been a local staple in Rocky River for years. They have everything from toys, jewelry, home furnishings and so much more. There are also many recycled items including picture frames, coasters and bowls, if that's your thing.

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