Sunday, January 26, 2014

Vintage shake-up

After a much needed break after holiday craziness, Crooked River Couture is back in action! Hopefully everyone enjoyed our full coverage of Shop Local 2013. All of my Christmas gift recipients LOVED their all-local presents and I loved having a story behind each goodie.

One local purchase that may have been overlooked with all the holiday shopping posts was my new, too-perfect cocktail shaker from Flower Child. I was on a mission to find a legit shaker for Thanksgiving as I decided to make an after-dinner dessert drink that consisted of pumpkin pie vodka and Baileys. (YUMS.) After finding less than impressive cocktail gear at the likes of Ikea and Target, I knew I had seen cool vintage shakers at my favorite Cleveland vintage shop. Little did I know I would find EXACTLY what I needed, and for a great price!

If you've ever been to Flower Child you know the store is packed inch to inch with fabulous vintage finds. After scanning the drinkware shelves for a few minutes I spotted it - the perfect shaker! The kit includes a stainless steel cup paired with a glass pint glass that is adorned with classic cocktail recipes and measurements - quite helpful for the rookie mixologist. Complete with a long mixing spoon and strainer the whole set cost just $15! I added a lone double jigger for $2 just to make it all complete.

The shaker was a hit at Thanksgiving and I loved telling my family the story behind it. And yes, the pumpkin pie martini was delicious, thanks to my new vintage kitchen addition. Although browsing Flower Child's rooms and rooms of vintage clothes is always a good time, they have such a great collection of housewares, from unique housewarming gifts to fresh fun additions to your own place.

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