Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Salty, sweet and in between

Last week I posted info about Salty Not Sweet's grand reopening event in Ohio City. It sounded so nice I had to check it out for myself, and I am so glad I did. This adorably funky boutique features handmade items from local and national artists picked from the owner at various craft shows.

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was the wall full of tote bags. Many of them were Ohio themed (which I love) but I couldn't help myself when I saw this bag with one of my favorite movie quotes on it. I love all of Paul Rudd's mega awkward phrases from I Love You Man. I say "totes ma gotes" all the time like it's nobody's business.

Intermixed with the tote bags were rows of glass magnets. They were really neat, many with photos of celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Alec Baldwin and patterns from zebra to polka dots. I bought this one with a couple of my favorite TV characters. However I might give it to a friend as a gift, thus the pixelated faces.

As we made our way towards the back we had to check out the tshirt shelves. There were a lot of really cute prints including one with a painterly looking pair of seahorses my friend bought and a really cute long, bright orange tee with cut off sleeves that would look super chic belted with leggings. The shirt I bought however I knew I had to have. I cannot wait to wear this out!

The jewelry at Salty Not Sweet is a whole adventure in and of itself. Really unique pieces included earrings made of recycled bottle caps and vinyl records, necklaces with birdcage and scooter charms and metal crafted rings. I also loved the line of pins, hair clips and necklaces with tiny city maps on them. (By the way, I LOVE MAPS). I had been looking for a new ring and I really liked a two finger studded ring but I decided to buy this gold triangle one. It's really different from anything I've seen, and it was just eight bucks!

Salty Not Sweet is more than just tshirts and trinkets. The locally made candles and soaps they sell smelled so good I wish I could fill my whole house with them! And as you know I love unique displays in stores and the in-house greeting card prints were displayed in an old card catalogue cabinet. We spent so much time reading these clever cards, some of which were hilariously snarky.

As it was their grand opening party, they had delicious cupcakes provided by the Cleveland Cupcake Company as well as other snacks and refreshments. I have to say the dark chocolate bacon cupcake I had was to die for.

When we finished our shopping and browsing, we headed up to the counter to make our purchases. Candra, the owner, was so sweet and funny. She genuinely loved everything in her place and everything I bought, she had one of her own! (And she also shared my love of vintage keys that were scattered around the shop ;) We also got to go home with our own little plants Candra said she had been growing in cups in her kitchen for weeks. My friend chose some herbs and I, who would have no use for such things, picked a lavender and a snapdragon. Such a cute idea!

I had an amazing time at Salty Not Sweet's opening on Saturday. I cannot wait until summer when I have some more dough and I can really go on a shopping spree there! Ohio City has always been one of my favorite Cleveland neighborhoods and it is really blossoming. This new boutique addition, as well as its neighbor Room Service, are making the area even better.

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